Ongoing & Collaborative Research Projects

Heather is involved in a variety of ongoing collaborative research projects, some of which manifest in pedagogical projects and/or service to the field. Find more below:

Welcome to Greenlaw 101

Photo credit: UNC Center For Faculty Excellence

“Teaching with Technology in Interactive Lecture Spaces: The Case of Greenlaw 101:” a multi-modal, multi-media research project by Eileen Hammond and Heather Woods, doctoral researchers in the Department of Communication at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Using a mixed-method approach including classroom observations and interviews with instructors who piloted the renovated space, the project explores the pedagogical and logistical benefits and constraints of teaching in interactive, experimental lecture halls and offers best practices for instructors who find themselves teaching in Greenlaw 101 or classrooms like it. Portions of this project were presented at #CHAT16.


Heather is involved in the working group on digital publishing platforms and social media explores the ways scholars, institutions, and the general public create, share, discover, and engage with knowledge in the digital age: Duke PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, John Hope Franklin Digital Humanities Initiative.




Feminism Here and Now: An Interdisciplinary Conversation seeks to spark a critical conversation about what feminist praxis may look like in the first half of the 21st century and what role feminism may continue to play in critiquing and intervening in a broad range of social, cultural, and political issues. (Heather is a Conference Organizer and Digital Media Coordinator for #FHN.)

The NOW Retreat is an online, asynchronous writing workshop designed to support graduate students and junior faculty in the writing process. Supported by the National Communication Association, the NOW Retreat will be held Summer 2016. (Heather is a Principle Organizer of the Retreat, along with Megan M. Wood)