Public Speaking Advice From Former Students

Succeeding in the class

Look at the rubric when she hands them back. She always leaves comments on what you can work on.

Participate often! Prepare your speeches in advance. Be confident! No one has a script, just keep going if you get lost in between your speech.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Let yourself enjoy the class.

This course will most likely force you out of your comfort zone. Even [for] those [for whom] this is the case, be confident in yourself.

Dear Procrastinators. You can NOT do this last minute. [Expect] 1-2 days of research, 1-2 days to create, 1-2 days to prepare for [the speech]. *The more you know your material the less nervous you’ll be in front of the audience.

Pay attention to citations. Don’t procrastinate on your outline. Prepare for media failure (media crashing/technology.)

Start working on your speech the day it is assigned.

Preparing your speech

Really focus on making a strong outline. It will help a lot with structuring your speech. Also, make sure to reserach the opposing side so you can address and argue against their claims. Be careful that your arguments are logical and that you aren’t actually arguing against yourself.

Spend a lot of time on research and don’t just wait [until] the day before. Engage and participate as much as possible.

Make sure to practice beforehand. Don’t simply memorize, but also understand what you’re talking about.

Prepare. Don’t OVER prepare.

Giving your speech

Make sure that you have more than enough supporting evidence to pull from.

Be sure to use something [in your speech] that really grabs everyone in the audience.

When giving your speech, relax and take your time.