Resources for Undergraduates

Scholar Hacks

Scholar Hacks: How to Pick a Speech Topic

Scholar Hacks: Highlighting and Marginalia

Scholar Hacks: How to Skim an Article

Scholar Hacks: Toward Critical Thinking

Scholar Hacks: What to Do If You’ve Waited Until the Last Minute

Scholar Hacks: Tech Tools For Students

Succeeding in College


K-State First Guide to College Student Success

Ten Key Ways To “Do” College: How to Get A Better Education for a Better Life

What Your Mother Never Told You About College

Managing Workflow:

Productivity 101: A Primer to the Pomodoro Technique

Take Breaks to Stay on Schedule

Manage Time

Time Management

Using Semester & Weekly Planners

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

Learning/Studying Techniques:

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

Studying Techniques

Studying 101: Study Smarter Not Harder

Concept Mapping

Make Lectures Meaningful

How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning & How to Get the Most Out of Studying: Putting Principles for Learning into Practice  (I like the whole series)


Reading Techniques:

Reading Comprehension Tips

Learning/Tech Tools:

UNC’s App Compendium

Resources for 1st Generation Students:

I’m First

What to Expect from Campus Life

Academic Etiquette:

Re: Your Recent Email to Your Professor

Why You Should Go to Office Hours:

Why you should take advantage of your professors’ office hours


Job Search:

Write Networking Emails Like a Pro